I Became My Heart


I just was amazed how wonderful this book was. It really brought home so well, how compassionate caring and full of motherly love Yogananda was. One so often sees the recommending side of him and doesn’t hear enough of how amazingly caring and forgiving and patient he was. This book really touched my heart and I am so glad it came out. Thank you Paul and Eric for putting it together so well. A truly balanced manuscript for the ages. And look forward to getting it back from my friends so I can read it again. – heartsforlove

This is one of those life-changing books. Since it is filled from cover to cover with personal accounts with the Guru as well as personal letters from the Guru, the wisdom and love literally jump off the page at you. It is also a stunning glimpse into the guru-disciple relationship and its meaning. One cannot thank enough the editor, Paul Gorsuch, for his untiring patience and perseverance in completing this book for the world to read. – W. Robinson

The beautiful memories of Leo are a divine confirmation of the greatness of a Sat-Guru. How Yogananda’s love is unconditional and always there for the devotee. No matter our faults, He knows we are God’s little children. No matter what, if we are willing and attuned He is always there helping us cross the ocean of delusion and suffering. The guru, the Sat-Guru, is not only a Master but a servant of God in us for our redemption. This book is so beautiful, the only thing is that the pictures are not as clear as the digital version. That’s the only thing. The rest is pure, divine and magnanimous. What a precious spiritual jewel. – Sergio Lopez

This is a great and well written book about Leo Cocks and primarily his time spent with Paramahansa Yogananda and SRF. It contains stories that I hadn’t read before. It is respectful of Yogananda, the guru/disciple relationship, and the legacy of those who also spent time with great avatar in the early days. I liked this book so much that after I read the e-book version I knew I needed a paper copy so ordered one of those for my library as well. Nice job!! – DL

The author masterfully wove letters written by Yogananda into the stories of a direct devotee’s life. The pictures added another wonderful dimension to the book. – Zinger

On the spiritual path good self discipline is required to reap optimal results. This book portrays both sides of this aspect and creates in the reader a devotional tone. – Clayton L. Daves

Paul Gorsuch has presented some previously unpublished and extremely inspiring and informative information about the experiences with and recollections of a follower, Leo Cocks, of Indian guru Paramahansa Yogananda. I had a hard time putting this book down due to the quality and power of Mr. Cocks’ unique experiences and the author’s clear recording of these events and memories. – Anna Bezzo-Clark

This book is superb for its portrayal of the effects of life with the Master Paramhansa Yogananda on the disciple’s entire life. When combined with Kamala Silva’s “The Flawless Mirror,” it adds tremendously to our understanding of the world changing mission with which Yogananda was charged. – Dw Castellano Hoyt

This book is a candid look at a life that was close to one of the Greatest Spiritual Giants of the 20th Century. His human short comings and insight to the daily struggles on the spiritual path when one seeks to be a Disciple. – George Mendez

So inspiring to read the letters PY wrote to Leo and the openness with which they shared. The stories are precious! – f.frigeri

Beautifully written stories of Yogananda with a disciple who lived in his times in his monastery. Shows the forgiving / giving heart of a true Master regardless of the merits of the disciple. Also special is Leo Cock’s devotion that allowed him to access higher revelations of his incarnation by the great yogi Yogananda. – Ujwal

Some very interesting comments by a direct disciple of the great Master. Very sincere and interesting. I would recommend this highly. – Anthony J. Giorgianni

I enjoyed reading this story of faith, effort and struggle. A questioning devotee bravely challenging life with Godly focus. It was inspiring to read, especially in light the struggles we all go through while looking for Spirit within. – Loie Du Bois

This is a very touching and wonderful collection of stories about Leo Cocks,a disciple of the great Master Paramahansa Yogananda, and his relationship with his guru. We owe the author our thanks for his perseverance in bringing these amazing stories and letters to publication. –Roxane

A great compilation of stories, lessons, and reminiscences by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. Very inspiring and informative. I would recommend it for anyone interested in the spiritual path and the world wide phenomenon of Self Realization Fellowship and its founder. – Jake C. Hansen

It was pure joy to read this collection of letters from Paramahansa Yogananda to one of his disciples, along with recollections of incidents, blessings and interactions between the great Guru and one of the many souls that he touched while still in the body. Whether you are just beginning to explore spiritual literature, or a long-time student of the practices introduced to the Western world by this great spiritual teacher, you will benefit from reading the heart-felt experiences of this “all-American boy” with one of the greatest sages ever to leave the shores of India. – RMitche

Compelling glimpses of the divine love and wisdom of the great Avatar, Paramahansa Yogananda. These personal accounts from his SRF disciples are treasures.- kdar

very inspiring and uplifting. rings true. full of valuable lessons not only for followers of Paramahansa Yogananda, but anyone truly serious about the spiritual life.- pukor “pukor”

It is always wonderful to hear stories of Paramahansa Yogananda and how he interacted in his daily life with his early disciples. I don’t think we can ever hear enough of these stories! There is so much insight and wisdom that can be gained by these stories. I am thankful that these stories have been brought to us to enjoy and learn from. – Punam A.

This is an inspiring, beautiful story about one of the great guru’s early devotees! It provides a touching view of the training and love given to these early ones, and some wonderful spiritual lessons, as well. Whether you are new to Paramahansa Yogananda’s work or an old-timer, you will find some precious spiritual lessons and insights. May your path be blessed! – LynnieD


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