I Became My Heart



Leo Cocks

Leo as he was interviewed in the early 1990s as he relates his touching story – “I have given you my unconditional love.” Excerpts from this interview can now be seen in the 2014 movie, “Awake – the Life of Yogananda.”



AY Oct 17 1948 inside inscrption

An inscription from an Avatar



Paramahansa Yogananda painting by Eric Estep

Paramahansa Yogananda





A handwritten letter from a Master – “I have forgiven you – you must forgive yourself.”



Jesus Color EE

A contemporary painting of Jesus Christ by Eric Estep


Yogananda with Encinitas Guests

Paramahansa Yogananda in Encinitas with notable guests and SRF monks

(Leo Cocks is sitting at his Guru’s feet, meditating with his eyes closed)




A portrait with a significant history




The world reports on the passing of a great soul




The later years of following an avatar

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