I Became My Heart

About the Book

IBecameMyHeart_CoverConcept_11I Became My Heart is a record of the devotion—and the struggles—of Leo Cocks to live the spiritual life as a disciple of the great Indian teacher and founder of Self Realization Fellowship, Paramahansa Yogananda. Newly discovered letters and stories of Yogananda make this book, compiled by Leo’s long time friend Paul Gorsuch, an important addition to the literature of the great Master and the institution he founded. But I Became My Heart also offers a heartwarming and human account of the Guru-Disciple relationship as it was lived by one of the twentieth century’s greatest spiritual leaders and an all-American boy who felt his Master’s unconditional love, and with that channel, access to Divine Love. With dozens of previously unpublished photographs and many samples of Yogananda’s personal writings, this book will appeal to and inspire spiritual seekers of all faiths.



1: Leo’s Soul Awakens
2: Leo Determines to Become A Monk
3: Leo’s First Lessons as an SRF Monk
4: Leo Gains Insight Into His Guru and His Disciples
5: Leo’s Guru Shows Omnipresence, Discipline and Love
6: Yogananda Protects, But Knows His Time Is Short
7: Leo Holds Vigil After Master Leaves the Body
8: Epilogue: Leo Re-commits to his Guru and to Living in Spirit

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